NEWS: Tracey Ullman Hosts TCM, November 17, 2007

Celebs Take Over TCM in November

(Multichannel News) _ TCM's Guest Programmer series, which regularly airs one night each month, is taking over all of November, with 29 celebrities programming 29 nights that they will co-host with Robert Osborne.

Among the star-studded list of celebrities sitting down with Osborne to present their favorite films will be Whoopi Goldberg on Nov. 1; Donald Trump on Nov. 3; Danny DeVito on Nov. 10; Matt Groening on Nov. 14; Tracy Ullman on Nov. 17; Alec Baldwin on Nov. 20; Kermit the Frog on Nov. 21; Harvey Fierstein on Nov. 26 and Martha Stewart on Nov. 30.

In addition to the 29 celebrities participating in the November festivall, one viewer, Paul Aguirre, was also chosen as part of the 30-day line-up to program his own night. The New York City resident's video was chosen by viewer votes in TCM's online contest at His evening of film selections will air on Thanksgiving night as a "thank you" from TCM to its dedicated audience of film lovers.



Unknown said…
In "I'm All Right, Jack", a very funny scene was cut out, when Peter Sellars was wandering through the house and flapped his arms up and down. It's one of the funniest thing I've ever seen, and I wondered why they cut it.