Ullman Readies New Showtime Series, And...

Tracey is officially American.

Monday, Sep 10
Ullman Readies New Showtime Series

Is America ready for more Tracey Ullman? The comedic actress is prepping a return to the small-screen that will again showcase her diverse talents as she dresses up and creates a variety of new characters for a new series called State of the Union.

This time it's for Showtime (rather than her former residence HBO) and FBLA ran into Ullman last week at a store opening bash in Beverly Hills. She told us all about the half-hour show that will see her onscreen as a mix of different people including Nancy Pelosi, Ariana Huffington and even David Beckham.

"I haven't done it for a bit so I have a lot left to do," Ullman told FBLA. "It's me as these people and I'll spend 45 seconds on them, visiting lots of different people from across the country; ordinary people, rich people, and people in Nebraska."

Ullman added that she felt a creative burst to examine the state of the USofA thanks to her new citizenship. "I became an American last December - I'm still a Brit because I have dual citizenship - but it gives me a whole new freedom to comment on the country. People would say to me, 'you don't get it, you're not American!' But I am mate, I am now. I stood downtown with 15,000 people from El Salvador waving flags."

For State of the Union, she waved her writing flag with LA author Bruce Wagner. "We are eclectic people and we love what's going on. It's a different era and there is an election coming up. So it's been interesting to shoot the show, which will come out in March."

Any funny hints about some of the new characters? "I love Bollywood movies right now so I do this one Indian pharmacy assistant who lives in Tennessee. She can dance and tell you about the side effects of drugs."

We will definitely be tuning in.




Anonymous said…
So excited about this! I just discovered Tracey Ullman. My boyfriend and I were flipping through channels and stumbled upon her Live and Exposed HBO special. I didn't want to watch it because honestly I've never liked anything I've ever seen her in and never really thought much of her in general. She just didn't appeal to me. But I must say the Live and Exposed show made my opinion of her do a 180. Pure comedic genius! Sure I've seen her shows on HBO before, and the Tracey Ullman show as well and I knew what she was capable of. But watching her live like that and weave in and out of these characters and accents right before your eyes was quite intriguing. In fact, I think I have a girl crush on her now! While watching this show, I became completely in awe of her. I much prefer this sort of standup as opposed to her shows in full costume. I think its because you can see her transform right before your eyes, not only with props and wigs put facial expression. When she's in costume with the rubber prosthetics on her face, you can't see much expression, which is probably what I don't like about it. I hope State of the Union will be her best work yet.