"Union" Bits

  • A brand new promo, a "Showtime short", is currently airing on Showtime. In it, Tracey is interviewed about what she loves about America. Stills of some of the new series characters, flash across the screen. Two clips of Tracey in action as an Indian pharmacist, and Tracey as Arianna Huffington, are included. Look for it!
  • Prosthetic make-up artist for the series, Matthew Mungle, wrote the following in his site's January newsletter:

I have to say that I had a great time applying 7 different prosthetic make-ups on Tracey Ullman for her new show "State of the Union" back in October. She’s fantastic to work with! She’d start getting into all the characters as I began the applications, making me laugh so hard that I’d have to stop to compose myself – a very talented, funny lady! The 5 episodes will air starting in March on Showtime. Hopefully she'll make more episodes.