Showtime To Make A Killing At The 2008 Emmys?

The LA Times thinks so.

Is Showtime (finally) poised to sweep the Emmys?

"I think that one of the big stories of the Emmy nods in a couple of months will be the breakthrough made by Showtime," proclaims our forum's moderator Robert "Rob L" Licuria, who has his own expert awards site that specializes in Emmy-watching. (CLICK HERE!). "Many of us thought it would happen last year (with 'The Tudors' or 'Weeds'), but I think, given the top 10 spot that 'Dexter' achieved last year (in the run-off for best drama series), and Tracey Ullman's awesome new show, Showtime is going to really make an impact."

We better pay attention to Rob's kudos prophesies. As those of us who keep track of such things know, Rob has the best record for predicting the Emmys here at The Envelope.

"Showtime really should make an impact this year finally, because the network deserves it," he adds. "I compiled a list of all of the nominations the network has achieved, which shows that it is doing better and better as we move forward, relying less on movie-of-the-weeks and more on exciting, groundbreaking new series."


Showtime could have strong Emmy presence

Emmy nominations are still a few months away, but buzz is building for our favorite network. Might this finally be Showtime’s year? asks the LA Times’ The Envelope blog. We sure hope so, what with the funny/dark/smart/awkward/lush/sexy/bizzare/honest performances on the network’s original series.

Of 17 noms in 2007, Showtime took home four statuettes, but no acting awards. The network won for The Tudors‘ costumes and title theme music and for the opening sequence title and editing on Dexter. Not shabby, but not exactly shout it from the rooftops, either. Happily, at least one expert agrees with our assessment that this may be Showtime’s year for a sweep.

The network has a good shot, predicts Rob Licuria, an expert Emmy handicapper who runs the Emmy Watch web site. He lists Dexter as a contender for best drama, has Californication in the running for best comedy, Penn & Teller’s Bullshit on the best reality show list, State of the Union among the variety/comedy series contenders, and This American Life as a potential nonfiction series winner.

Michael C. Hall and Jonathan Rhys Meyers make the short list for best actor in a drama and David Duchovny for best actor in a comedy. For comedic actress, Mary-Louise Parker and Natasha McElhone are among the picks. Catherine Keener and Ellen Page, who costar in the upcoming Showtime movie An American Crime are contenders for best actress in a TV movie or miniseries, while Tracey Ullman gets singled out for comedy performance.

More Showtime love in the supporting actress category, with Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter and Julie Benz sharing the dramatic actress short list with The Tudors’ Natalie Dormer and Maria Doyle Kennedy. Comedic supporting actor contenders include Californication’s Evan Handler and Weeds’ Justin Kirk and Kevin Nealon. Elizabeth Perkins‘ daffy Weeds performance put her on the list for comedic supporting actress.