Kate, or streepfan06, as she is more commonly known to the Youtube celebrity society, has provided yet another uncanny impersonation, this time of Kay Clark!

Kate, has even written a poem that we just had to share:

Tracey Ullman

here it goes,
oh damn what do I say!
Your a crazy, outrageous lady?,
oh no..that could scare her away!

Those words could sound too negative,
or be taken the wrong way,
let's try this thing again,
and write what you really want to say.

Tracey Ullman,
an amazing singer and comedian,
a great impressionist too,
a class act of your own,
your amazing at what you do.

Linda Granger was a recovering alcoholic,
a recovering drug addict too,
Chic was a crazy cab driver,
who would run over you!

Ruby Romaine was a make-up artist,
or "artiste" in her own words,
who smoked cigarettes like a chimney,
who had some of her hair in curls.

I don't know how you do it,
all these characters and voices,
It must've taken you alot of time,
you've made some really great choices!

Fern Rosenthal was a new york Jew,
she'd say "ay christ" and "shmuck",
a man asked her hand in marriage once,
and though "You stupid putz".

Chic was a cabby driver,
who thought he was "the shit",
who called himself "chick magnet",
who cursed and bragged and spit.

He said "hey baby, you like sex?",
I'd have to check with that,
why would I want to sleep with you,
I'd rather hit you with a bat!

I should wrap this poem up,
it's becoming way to long,
I think i've said what I wanted,
to say to you all along.

Your my favorite entertainer,
the best I've seen so far,
I love you Tracey Ullman,
your really great, you are!

I'll say the famous words,
you said in one of your shows,
it was the tracey ullman show,
" go home, go home, go home!"