The Reason For The Bump Revealed

Tracey Ullman to replace War On Everything

June 10, 2009 02:23pm

THE Chaser's War On Everything will return to the ABC on June 24 as planned after two weeks in the sin bin, the national broadcaster says.

However, it's still unclear whether the current 10-part series of the satirical television comedy program will be reduced to eight episodes.

Stars of the program apologised last week for a skit depicting dying children making deathbed wishes, which was subsequently cut from online broadcasts.

Public outrage led ABC management to pull the series for a fortnight while it conducted a review of its editorial approval processes.

A corporate affairs spokeswoman for the broadcaster was unable to confirm whether ABC management had met with the Chaser team to discuss the remaining episodes.

"They are back on air after two weeks and that was confirmed in the statement we put out last week,'' she said.

"So they will be back on Wednesday the 24th.

"I'm not quite sure of any subsequent meetings that have happened since or if there is anything else to report out of it at this stage.''

The program's slot tonight and next week will be replaced with Tracey Ullman's State Of The Union, an American satirical comedy series.

A Chaser team spokesman said an internal review was being carried out and the show would be back on air in two weeks.

Debate is raging about the show on social networking site Facebook, with more than 750 people joining a group calling on the ABC to scrap the program and another group with more than 500 members saying the show shouldn't be censored.