Funnyman Paul Reiser Launches Music Career With Julia Fordham

U.S. funnyman Paul Reiser has launched his music career by teaming up with British singer Julia Fordham.
The Mad About You and Beverly Hills Cop star is in the studio with Happy Ever After singer Fordham. As per the reports, they will release the first album next year.
Fordham tells the media, "Along with being an actor and comedian, Paul is also a classically trained pianist and studied composing and arranging at college."
In the meantime, the Brit actress is launching an acting career with her long time friend Tracey Ullman's forthcoming sketch show State of The Union.
Fordham says, "Tracey is a blinding talent and the only hard part of being in a scene with her is to try and remember to keep your jaw from dropping to the floor as you marvel at her all round splendidness."