Tracey For 'Idol'

I have a great suggestion for a new American Idol judge: Tracey Ullman. She knows music, she's judgmental, she's funny. The present panel is pretty lame. The poor kids are told to put their own spins on songs, and when they do, they judges carp at them for changing songs too much. Ellen is great on her own show and lousy on Idol. Simon doesn't even know what "cabaret" is. Randy and Kara are not dope. ( Ryan Seacrest is infuriating as Idol host, but he was terrific at interviewing celebs on Sunday's E! pre-Oscars show.)



Anonymous said…
Tracey is waaaaaay too good for Idol. In fact, she should use Idol for a sketch. Also Ryan Seacrest stunk at the Oscars-calling James Cameron "Jim". Tracy should make Ryan one of her characters.