Tracey #8 on The Funniest Women of All-Time List

While female comedians often say they don't want gender consideration, audiences disagree. Comedy has long been a boy's club because for a long time, women being funny was considered more inappropriate, disrespectful or even threatening. My, how times have changed. While comediennes have made great strides in recognition, men still dominate as comedy's headliners. Take a walk through a DVD section and you'll see that while Chris Rock, Dane Cook, and Katt Williams are in no shortage of arena-specials, feminine counterparts like Margaret Cho and Anjelah Johnson are sparse, if not non-existant. You'd have to search Google or YouTube to find footage of your favorite funny women.

Here then, are 18 reasons to perpetuate the shattering of comedy's glass ceiling. Though not all are comedians per se, they are all funny, they are all influential, and-- to the best of our knowledge, they are all 100% female.

#8 Tracey Ullman
Regarded as the queen of sketch comedy, Ullman's side-splitting sendups of famous men and women alike made The Tracey Ullman Show a hit in the 90's and beyond. It also introduced the world to an animated family of five named The Simpsons.

"If God had intended for breasts to be seen, He wouldn't have created large woolen pullovers."