Hulu Updates Itself Again... With Seasons 3 and 4 of "Tracey Takes On"

As previously reported, "Tracey Takes On" moved from's "Amazon Instant Video" and iTunes late last year, to Hulu.

45 episodes are now available.  47 original episodes were produced.  There is one episode missing from season 3 and 4.  These are most likely to be added in the next couple of days.

What we forgot to point out in the last post, is that the Hulu episodes are completely unedited.  As many are aware, the Season 3 and 4 DVD set that was released back in 2009, was heavily edited.  Some episodes were even chopped down to 10 minutes!  Amazon and iTunes also had edited episodes.  Some were even combined with an additional episode to make up for lost time due to deleted material.  These deletions were due to copyright issues.  The DVD sets (seasons 1 and 2) that HBO put out back in 2005 and 2006, while complete, removed the opening and closing title/credits sequences for season 2, (which is the season that started the "Tracey and the characters singing 'They Don't Know'" opening and closing), due to copyright problems with the theme song.  Hulu seems totally complete, with the original opening title and closing sequences restored!  

We'll see if Tracey's additional two HBO specials will also be added.  "Tracey Ullman: A Class Act" had been available on iTunes and  "A Class Act" was edited on those services, with the character "Trevor" completely edited out.  Trevor has a closing music number, which must have been a problem legal wise.

Check Hulu out now!