Encounter: Gina's LA Moment!

Our friend, Gina, has allowed us to repost her recent encounter:
An L.A. Moment
About a week ago, I got a ride after work from a friend so I could make a meeting in Santa Monica that night. We've known each other a long time, so our conversations tend to wander from what's so-and-so doing to shared rants. While dodging traffic on the 10, we got to talking about comediennes. It started with Carol Burnett (who was featured on American Masters this month) and ended on Tracey Ullman, when he said:

"What about Tracey Ulllman? What's she doing these days?" He said that with the indignation of someone who felt they'd been denied many good laughs.

I confessed I had no idea.

But I do now. In one of those odd L.A. moments, on Saturday the DH and I went to a yarn sale at a rather shi-shi yarnery on the Westside. We'd been enticed by the 20-40% off they'd advertised. It turned out that since their prices are higher to begin with, it wasn't a great savings.

However, as I was standing in line to purchase a knitting spool, I realized that the well-dressed woman in front of me was none other than Tracey Ullman. She was talking to the woman behind the register about sleeves.

When I got home, I hit Google. It turns out she's become a big knitter. In fact, she and (I'm almost positive) the woman behind the register wrote a book.

At any rate, next time my friend asks me, "What's Tracey Ullman doing these days?" I'm going to have the answer.

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