Production Notes For Season 2 of "Tracey Ullman's State of the Union"

Here are the characters appearing in each episode of the new season of "State of the Union".



Arianna Huffington – famous blogger/political pundit

Campbell Brown- CNN reporter

Celine Dion – singer

Chanel Monticello – airport x-ray screener

Dee McNally – flight attendant

Heather Mills-McCartney – Paul McCartney’s ex-wife

Laura Bush – former first lady

Linda Alvarez – newscaster

Mother Rose Panatella – praying nun

Padma Perkesh – Indian pharmacist

Ramona Petrie – woman stuck in tiny hybrid car

Shana Shonsteen – Jewish female suitor


Arianna Huffington

Campbell Brown

Dee McNally

Esther – FLDS woman on a compound

Laura Bush

Linda Alvarez

Luddy Walesa – Secretary/Deep Throat

Miuccia Prada – famous fashion designer

Mother Rose Panatella

Renee Zellweger – famous actress

Silda Spitzer – wife of former NY Gov. Elliot Spitzer

Tony Sirico –famous actor from The Sopranos

Wendy Trenton – hog-caller champion


Campbell Brown

Chanel Monticello

Dee McNally

Dina Lohan – mother of Lindsay Lohan

Grammy Cyrus – Miley Cyrus’ grandmother

J.K. Rowling – famous author

Laura Bush

Linda Alvarez

Lynne Garibaldi – Mother of handicap wizard son

Renee Zellweger

Tony Sirico


Campbell Brown

Chanel Monticello

Glamorous hostess – Hostess of death game show

Ingrid Thorvall – Woman looking to get surgery abroad

Juanita – Puerto Rican dancer

Len Goodman – Dancing With the Stars judge

Leslie Katz-Coen – Publicist for the Dalai Lama

Linda Alvarez

Lynne Garibaldi

Mother Rose Panatella

Padma Perkesh

Penny Landers – “Enough is Enough” terminally ill killer

Tom Brokaw – famous journalist

Vanessa Pludd – Extra-large woman on an airplane


Arnelle – performer in a body suit

Asmaa Kassim – Biggest star in Malawi

Dee McNally

Dina Lohan

Ingrid Thorvall

Jillian Smart – over zealous soccer mom

Linda Alvarez

Lisa Penning – soldier/mom on leave

Shannon – natural food store worker

Tom Brokaw

Vanessa Pludd


Beverly Carlyle – seasoned performer at a piano bar

Campbell Brown

Donna Karan – famous designer

Gretchen Pincus – author of White Widow

Jacqueline Lord – sun damaged daughter of Jack Lord

Jonah Hill – famous actor

Karen DaFoe – mother of Juno-like girl

Padma Perkesh

Rachel Ludlow

Rosarita Hernandez – illegal immigrant with an iPod

Seth Rogen – famous actor

Tori Campbell – dog walker


Chanel Monticello

Dr. Maguire – over prescribing doctor

Jodie Foster – famous actress

Lynne Garibaldi

Marta – hardened Olympic trainer

Miriam Minger – 50-year-old teacher who seduces students

Padma Perkesh

Robin Cavanaugh – rich wife whose life has been down-sized

Tom Brokaw

Valerie Frumkiss – perky senior and former variety show host


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These are great characters! I can't wait for this :)