Tracey Ullman Responds To Renee Zellweger Zing

Tracey Ullman tapped into celebrity impersonations this past year when shooting her Showtime series "State of the Union." While most of the people she parodied took it in stride, one person who wasn't laughing was Renee Zellweger. During an interview on "The Late Show with David Letterman," the movie star didn't seem pleased when shown a picture of Ullman impersonating her.

"Oh, yeah, I saw that," Ullman tells us. "What did she say? I looked like her twin brother in drag. I thought she'd be fine about it. I think it was a pretty good impersonation of her. I'm surprised no one has done it before. She's such an impersonatable person with her look and her eyes."

"I did a little more of her this year because it was so popular last year. That's probably about it, though, so she need not fear it anymore," adds the funny lady, who is returning for a second season of her show on April 12. "I think she's a wonderful actress. God, I've been impersonated enough in my time. They made a puppet of me once in England on that program 'Spitting Image.' That was pretty rough, but it's par for the course."

This season, Ullman will be introducing a ton of original characters as well as dead-on impersonations of everyone from Jodie Foster to Heather Mills to Celine Dion to Laura Bush.

"I did enjoy being Laura Bush," admits Ullman. "I feel quite successful in how I looked as her. She seemed to summon a lot of respect from the crew because the crew always believes whoever I am and plays along with it. They all wanted to get their picture taken with her. They'd said, 'I don't really like your husband, but you're a class act.'"