Radio Times Review of Tracey Ullman's Show Episode Two

Tracey Ullman's Show


Review by: Ben Dowell

If this series has confirmed anything it’s what a brilliant impersonator Tracey Ullman is.

This episode treats us to her pitch-perfect Camilla Parker-Bowles, a raucous hunting, shooting ’n’ smoking laugh-a-minute lady who spends the day looking after her grandson (a child who bears more than a passing resemblance to the real Prince George).

Ullman’s Dame Judi Dench continues to cause mayhem (this time deliberately blocking toilets in posh hotels), while her Maggie Smith auditions for the part of James Bond. Angela Merkel makes a welcome return from episode one.

Ullman’s less well-known characters also hit the mark. I loved her retired Wimbledon line judge, and a sketch about a computing lesson for silver surfers shows Ullman’s gift for satire and spot-on social observation.

After 30 years away it’s clear that this is a gifted woman who is returning to her native UK in triumph.


The Duchess of Cornwall babysits Prince George for the day, Dame Judi Dench causes trouble in a five-star hotel and a Midlands couple return from holiday to find an illegal immigrant hidden under their motorhome. Plus, the tutor of a silver surfers computer class offers some extraordinary tips, and Angela Merkel entertains embassy staff with a song. Comedy sketch show, guest starring Steve Pemberton.


Performer Tracey Ullman

Steve Pemberton

Jason Forbes

Samantha Spiro

Jamie Demetriou

Lucy Montgomery

Gwen Taylor

Derek Griffiths

Callum Biggs

Joan Linder

Kim Wall

Sue Elliot-Nicholls

Tony Gardener

Zahra Ahmadi

Daniel Lawrence Taylor

Director Dominic Brigstocke

Executive Producer Tracey Ullman

Executive Producer Ben Farrell

Executive Producer Myfanwy Moore

Producer Caroline Norris

Writer Georgia Pritchett

Writer Kevin Cecil

Writer Andy Riley

Writer Laurence Rickard

Writer Jonathan Harvey

Writer Jeremy Dyson

Writer Gemma Arrowsmith