Tracey Ullman's Show Series 1 Coming To DVD February 22, 2016!

The first series of "Tracey Ullman's Show" is already up for pre-order via or from its distributor Acorn (where it's listed for a pound cheaper). The set will be released on Monday, February 22, 2016 in the UK.

Note: it's a Region 2 DVD release, so if you live outside of the UK, you'll need a region-free DVD player to watch it.

After thirty years of fame and acclaim in the US, British comedy treasure Tracey Ullman is back in the UK with her hilarious all-new character-driven sketch comedy series: Tracey Ullman's Show. Discover the secret life of shoplifter and hooligan Dame Judi Dench; Dame Maggie Smith's home-filmed auditions for blockbuster feature films; an inside look at the life of Germany's Angela Merkel; the home life of Camilla Parker-Bowles; topless feminist MP Sally Preston; Hayley the obsessive zookeeper; Dominic, the app-conceiver and many, many more.

No extras have been revealed yet, but a 3-D box model has been released, along with episode summaries...

More Info

Tracey Ullman returns to the UK with a brand new sketch show featuring an array of the everyday characters and famous faces who pop up in modern life on the British side of the pond.



Tracey Ullman’s return to British screens brings with it her unique take on some extraordinary characters in the UK. Sketches include a delinquent Dame Judi Dench; and a dangerously accident prone massage therapist.


All British life is in Tracey Ullman’s first UK sketch show for 30 years. This episode sees her play the Duchess of Cornwall; a man who treats the coffee shop as his personal office; and a Midlands couple find an immigrant under their motorhome.


Ep 3 of Tracey Ullman’s brand new sketch show brings a pair of na├»ve American tourists to London and Sally Preston MP runs her first constituency surgery topless. Dame Judi Dench breaks into a cinema; and Dom, is in his coffee shop slash office.


Tracey Ullman presents another raft of new characters for this episode’s snapshot of a day in the UK. Dictator’s wife, Soraya Al Amir, is trying to start a new life, and a drama teacher is exasperated that all her students seems to be posh.


Tracey Ullman showcases another array of familiar faces from the UK, including in this episode, Carole Middleton, Dame Maggie Smith, Hayley the Zookeeper and American tourists Jackie and Hal.


In the final episode of the series Tracey Ullman inhabits Northern businesswoman Pam Garrity, Dame Judi Dench rules the upper deck on a bus and Dominic the App Guy celebrates a full year working out of the coffee shop.