Summary of Episode 2 from Series 2 of Tracey Ullman's Show

Ep 2/6
Friday 10 February

The second episode sees the return of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall who is shopping for cut price animal print leggings - or Jodhpurs as she prefers to call them.

Tracey Ullman brings her unique take on some extraordinary characters in the UK.

It's movie night in the Murdoch household; Germaine Greer is ranting at a student as she waits at the bus stop; long-suffering OAP Kay is at home with her stubborn elderly mother during a storm... there’s a foot of water in the lounge - but mum is staying put.

Meanwhile Dame Maggie has a new job as a vlogger and the planners have their sights on a run-down housing estate - but is gentrification good for everyone? The scene is set for a rap challenge.

Guest starring Kevin Bishop.

Source: BBC