Rosa... Dahling

We've caught quite a number of impersonations of Tracey's characters via Youtube, and one impersonation that keeps popping up in articles, debated upon who does a better version, and even causes contests between Tracey herself and others, is Arianna Huffington, the blooog queen extraordinaire. Tracey's Arianna is a regular in her hit Showtime comedy series, Tracey Ullman's State of the Union.

We were pretty blown away by this current impersonation of an impersonation by Youtube user: streepfan06.

Check it out:

UPDATE: streepfan06 recreates Asma Kasim.

streepfan06 is obviously about to become, "the biggest star of Youtube"!

UPDATE: streepfan06 continues to astound us. She's making news, and breaking news! We present to you, the real Rita Cosby...


Anonymous said…
ha!! That's me!! LOL
wow..I still can't believe it.. :)