Directly from the writing room!

Season 3 is in full gear!

We can see the possible new celebrities Tracey will impersonate next season, as well as some new sketch ideas. Pictured is "State" co-writer, Bruce Wagner, Tracey's script supervisor, and Andrew Dafoe. A very special thanks to Allan McKeown for supplying these amazing pictures!!!


Cate said…
is that Tracey in red in the first photo??
I don't believe so. Script supervisor.
Cate said…
aah..ok then :)

Have you heard any news about auditions yet??
The call for extras and what not, will probably come closer to the time of filming, in this case, August, or very early September. They usually always look for interns. The calls usually end up on the internet. If anything shows up, I'll post it.
Cate said…
Awesome, Thank-you!
Anonymous said…
Tracey!!! I have a wonderful idea for a character that I know ONLY you could perfect. I have worked as a jail house nurse for many many years and I could truly see you breathing life into such a charatcer. Think about it!!!